Learn How to Use EFT, a Combination of Ancient Chinese Acupuncture with Modern Psychology, NLP and Other Highly Effective Techniques to Improve Your Health, Mental Wellbeing, Relationships, Level of Happiness, Wealth and Much More
Karl Dawson has Taught EFT for over 10 Years, He has Trained More than 3,000 EFT Practitioners in over 20 Countries Worldwide. One of only 28 EFT Founding Masters, The Creator of the Revolutionary EFT Technique Matrix Reimprinting and the Co-Author of 2 Hay House books
EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Courses Held Monthly Around the UK and Internationally. Open to Everyone, No Previous Experience Needed. Start Helping Yourself, Your Family, Your Friends and Your Clients with these Powerful, Easy To Learn Skills
About EFT

Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT (as we shall now refer to it) has it's origins way back over 5000 years ago, from the Ancient Chinese Shoa-lin and Taoist monasteries.

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